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這篇文章男性沙豬主義很重 不喜歡的女生請繞道

我是認為他說中了某些地方   有一部分女性的確如此  但  為什麼  台灣男生不要卸責呦  你們大部分人就喜歡這種女生

不過  台灣人的確很重錢  而父母考慮子女婚事  就會看男方有沒有一定的學歷 工作 甚至 車房等等 其實說穿的就是錢吧  或者未來賺錢的能力


Let's be fair here. I have a gorgeous, adorable Taiwanese girlfriend that I am willing to spend the rest of my life with. Not because she is Hello Kitty, submissive, shallow, brain dead and a good fuck. Because she calls herself a freak (a surprisingly foxy one) , standing out from that essentially numbed crowd that I call most of Taiwan (excluding the "hen qi guay" lot), in ways that make most other girls look like total idiots.

就這方面而言,我想講幾句實在話:我有一個台灣女朋友,看起來漂亮又大氣。我很願意跟她共度下半輩子。我之所以如此,不是因為她對丈夫言聽計從,不是因為她腦袋死板,不是因為她只是個空花瓶(譯註:原文為Hello Kitty,猜測有「空花瓶」之意),而是她有別於大部份的台灣女性(撇開那些「很奇怪」的人),敏感又大膽(我的美艷狐狸精!),不像那些女生一樣低能。

My hat goes to her even more knowing that she only lived 3 months in the US, while being naturally open minded and full of dynamic debates about all kinds of issues. Yes, she has all those traits that many guyswould want.


There are indeed some very interesting and charming ladies out here, but to the best of my knowledge, they are depressingly rare. Why? Because aside from being good at shallow chat followed by a deep fuck, one, two, here, there and everywhere, most girls here just about do a good job of sucking in all manner possible. Sex aside, let's not even get into how much worse it gets for 95% of TW born and raised guys when it comes to friendship with foreigners.


Yes the long eyelashed and legs empty egg-shells are gold diggers, oozing superficial arrogance that would turn a sensible man like myself into a sexual vice animal against it.

台灣女生睫毛長、腿長、腦袋空(譯註:我不懂empty egg-shells何意,我也懶得查,我隨便翻,你們隨便看。)、貪財、膚淺又驕矜自恃。我本明理,一遇到這群女生,卻成了任由性慾擺佈的野獸。

Even many of those who can speak decent English will rarely go beyond conversations about shopping, food, travel (if they dare to pretend knowing anything worthwhile about the real world beyond American and Japanese shopping malls) and maybe, just maybe, fun sex.

台灣女生有不少人會說英文;然而,她們聊天的主題總是圍繞在「購物」、「食物」、「旅遊」,很少有例外。(就算她們裝得「知性美」,想把話題扯到更現實的東西,除了美國商場和日本血拼商店外, 他們也想不出什麼,哦,或許在聊性事方面會有趣一點啦。)

Take things further into the arts, music, DECENT movies beyond Hollywood,politics, science and philosophy, I would say that 90% of people in Taiwan are "educated" to work, not to please the depths of themselves and others in particularly subtle ways.


The worst thing about all this is that the truly fascinating side of Chinese culture is either a political conundrum for not knowing which side to choose, or is slowly sinking face first into oblivion. There is room for tremendous melting pot in Taiwan, but not much is being done about it.


This is not a blind assault at intercultural differences, but a good stab at old social etiquettes that were ditched in the 60 and 70's in the West.


The family, school, work ethics to my opinion kills people's potential.Taiwan has grown economically, but it will reach full maturity only aftera hard look at itself in relation to the rest of the world, while learning to accept and integrate true differences, like other Asian places such as Singapore have learned to do, to make for a much nicer place to live and fit in with open minded people.


In the meantime, it comes across as easy for Taiwanese people to be pleasant and smiling on the surface, but I do believe that their most visceral personal and social identity dangerously lacks confidence and awareness with others at best, or is totally uninterested and racist deep within, ever so silently.


As an Adult Business Teacher, i listen to a lot of answers to topic questions in my class. when the topic gets around to love and relationships you always hear TW Girls saying the same exact shit.


" i want a guy who is tall, understands me, is responsible, etc"



The problem with this is they never really define what responsible is.From my experience, what they mean by responsible is "safe". They want some castrated man with spiked hair who never takes chances, never moves in a direction that might make them feel unsafe, never walks the path less chosen. They want a guy who is just bent to their wishes for "their dreams" ie, the house, the car, the baby, the whole nine yards.



Nothing is wrong with those things, except that they have become the "Price For Admission" so to speak, rather than the result of two people's love and efforts for one another. They constantly take shortcuts.


These Women always talk about how they want someone who understands them. By this, i take it to mean they want an extension of their spoiling family or old boyfriends (Plan B... but still wait around) who will put up with their temper tantrums, immaturity, and stupidity.These women are basically in the market for either daddy or their older brother, someone who is used to their bullshit.


Expecting someone to understand you is the height of immaturity.We should seek more to understand others than to be understood.The world owes us nothing, but we live in it, and should learn to adapt to it, not the other way around.


i find TW women to be utterly selfish, insecure, and self centered.As I have seen with many couples and unfortunate friends,when they age it's even more nonstop bitching and moaning. Thefocus just becomes on more money, more eating, more competition to show off to family and friends. You can forget about an exciting sex life. Lately i look at them with a mild disgust, despite some of their physical beauty.



No pussy is worth being constantly drained by these emotional vampires. Funny, with the many new girls I meet here, I aways say to myself"this one is different". LOL! Nope, same shit with a different package.Same movie played over and over.


Oh Well, at least have a little fun, play their game, complement them on how brilliant it is to wear glasses without lenses, expect to pay for lots of dinners out. And most important....Yes, indeed,know when to say next. Their stock will drop in value quick and is a short sale. HK Girls are a way better catch.



I'm ABC and came back to Taiwan (I've had my share of girlfriends in USA). In 5 years staying here (and dating several TWN girls from 25-36yos, here is my take: Taiwanese women are narcissists, especially if she is even slightly attractive. Most of them live off their parents. If they are well-off, forget about scoring with them unless you are more well-off than them, their parents will find every reason in the world NOT to be with you.

我是一個回到台灣居住的美國華僑(譯註:America-born Chinese),在美國曾與幾個女孩子交往過。在台灣待了五年,跟許多台灣女孩子約會過(她們介於25歲到36歲之間)。我的想法是這樣的:台灣女人是自戀狂(譯註:Narcissist,取自於希臘羅馬神話水仙花的故事。),尤其是那些稍為有姿色的,更是不可一世。這些女孩子(作者曾約會過的),衣食皆仰賴父母。你如果沒有比她們有錢,千萬別評論這種生活型態,還有,正因為她們比你有錢,她們的父母特別挑剔,寧可找上千百個理由,也不願和你交往。


$$$$ is king, you can be fat, butt-ugly but if you are rich or appear rich, they will find every reason in the world to like you. And if you are not, you can become 'friends' with them, you simply become her platonic biitch, she only calls when she needs you and will never ever admit she is just using you for material things but will always give you you subtle hints of the Coach, LV, or expensive electronic gadget that she really really wants for her B-day.


Worse, forgetting to bring her purse when inviting her & her friends to meet you. And if she brings it, puts the onus on you to pay for it by sitting there silently, not moving, as if waiting for the 'traditional-male' to pick up the tab.


And if she is poor, she is even more materialistic. I remember our company hired a TWN girl (27) never held a steady job, complain to us how little she makes and how her mom has no job and how she has to support her mom... then I found out her 1st paycheck, she went out and bought a IPhone4.. Saying how it was always her dream. All I can say was "wow" thinking how full of shhit she was.


And I'm talking about girls that aren't even that attractive. Maybe a 7/8 out of 10. Yes I'm being shallow by putting them on a scale like that, but if I'm one feet deep, these girls' can be measured in micrometers.


The younger ones that are even semi-attractive, are even more materialistic and pretentious. Most pretend they are not materialistic. And the few that are not after $$$, are after Beiber looks no matter how gay-looking or
irresponsible these guys are.


Most don't have a job and those that do, spend as much money on their looks as the girls. There are no Rambos, athletic real man here (ok maybe 5% of population, sorry to these real guys).


The guys these girls hang out with are perfect mirror of themselves,devoid of any personality and has the sophistication of a Lego block. Most of the skinny, wannabes gay looking guys (they actually think they are model-quality!!) hang around disco clubs, malls like spoiled rich American teenagers and spend all their money on the latest fashion craze.


The guys are so skinny and feeble (I'm sure they can double their size if they went to gym and worked out) that if a typhoon come suddenly, they all be blow to the ocean. The only thing that makes their wheel turn are MSN, SKYPE, Facebook, self-portraits of themselves plastered all over each other's home pages.


God, they make Bieber look macho. No, I'm not the jealous type,I'm just telling it as it is. I've also been to China/Vietnam/Thailand and there is a world of difference in the girls' attitudes when I meet them.


I remember meeting girls that are 9 on a scale of 10, with no attitudes,no BS, no mark-ups that will put the TWN girls to shame.


True enough. Taiwanese women are the most selfish creatures I ever encounted. I used to live in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore and in all these countries. I met gorgeous and sincere ladies with well manners and
good heart. Since I took this job in Taiwan my sexual, emotional and dating life is totally fucked up...


And yes, never, ever EVER marry taiwanese bitch unless she makes you rich... You have to target women with money. Either self-employed or well paid professional with a thick saving accounts. BUT BE AWARE; Even if you
hold Phd from Gigolo University it will be pretty tough to squeeze any money out of her. Yet if you are that good or that lucky to put such spell on her then try your best to squeeze her dry. Once you take her money then you are the boss. You can enslave her and no matter what you do or how you treat her she will be submissive little bich that licks your toes hoping for the rest of her pathetic life that one day when you are off guard or off of your mind she might somehow get her ''investment'' back.



Piece of life saving advice;


If you are that good or that lucky, take her money, make her empty her accounts or sell the house or put her in debt if need. Don't feel any remorse and DO NOT HESITATE just take it all if you can. During the entire process make sure your passport is in the safe place.


Enjoy island for a while and fuck around. (especially those teenage little bitches, gold diggers. You have to tear them apart and destroy their little cunts the way that they won't be good for any cock anymore. You also have to fuck them in the ass until they have to wear dipers for the rest of their hello kitty miserable animal lives).


After you satisfy your rage and acomplish your revenge transfer all money to your country or switch it to good traveler's cheques and get the air ticet. Tell your squeezed bitch your father just passed away so you have to go without any delay. Or if you want to play with her a bit more just talk her into threesome and expose her to the brutal and painful double penetration together with some ruthless dude. You can even try asking her for more money or turn her into hooker. You can be her pimp for a while and see how it goes. But once you see black and thick question mark above her dumb empty head just get ready and get a hella out of here!!!



TW girls... as far as I know, they wish they were japanese. When they speak, to differentiate their MANDARIN from what their Chinese cousins over in the mainland, they always speak in a really fake ass Japanese wannabe tone. It's so fucking lame. I know I know, there's a bit of history of Japanese occupation of TW, but you don't see Koreans, as cocky as they can be sometimes, completely idolizing another nationality to a point of basically copying them. It's funny how TW wants to be recognized as its own state, with its own nationality, but in the end, all their pride is nothing more than a facade, an image. And if the Japs have an attractive image, they'd rather become semi-Japanese. That's fucking lame dude. That's not pride, that's just ignorance and a lack of self-worth.


Then you get the whores, those rich ass international American born Taiwanese bitches. I've met one. She was ugly as fuck, FLAT face with wide nostrils and ugly ass fish lips. Her face looked like a puck or a pancake.But I'm not a superficial guy. I really wouldn't give a shit other than the fact that she has zero personality. She's always been a stuck up bitch, and if it wasn't for the fact that she was always ugly, she'd be on every daddies' dick.


When she was done with her highschool and university education in Toronto, she went somewhere in Asia, and got her rich ass family's funds to get a full face plastic surgery. Now she flaunts her pretty little flawless plastic face everywhere. She doesn't really work, her family pays for everything. She's just gonna marry some rich guy and suck off boyfriends on the side. That to me, pretty much sums up TW bitches. Born ugly, if you are from a rich background, then go get plastic surgery as a "reward" for getting through school studying god-knows-what, then going back to the states or canada or where-ever else and party until you suck off the right guy who will supply you with gucci and LV purses for the rest of your life.


Fuck, an ugly bitch turning into a swan through the operating table,and some turn of event somehow gives a TW hoe the right to be a bitch. What a joke. She used to be the most insecure person in the world even as a kid and in her teens and now all it took was some surgery... see how SHALLOW these TW chicks are.


Funny thing is, a lot of them are really stupid. Not just self-centered.This plastic TW bitch graduated from Uni. Toronto with something, not sure what exactly her degree was in (probably sucking cock for more surgeries).. ad now she works at retail at a SHOESTORE.


Tawianese chicks are a joke. It's fucked up. I'm sure there are girls from all over like them but man, Taiwanese chicks can be pretty awful. None of them can support themselves or have any rational thoughts or goals, or the
desire to become a complete PERSON rather than a fashion accessory.


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    老實說, 只要是有腦袋的女人, 根本看不上這種貨色的男人.
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    就跟你不看這篇文 你怎麼知道這文寫捨麼
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    還沒有任何反省能力 和 發現 觀察能力
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    還認為自己這樣自私 虛榮 是正常
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    這才叫 物以類聚
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  • I think you are not very good,
    Wrong place of course encounter the wrong person, the most disgusting person is you not Taiwanese girl! got it?Super reckless!
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  • 不是全不的臺灣女生都這樣,而且有許多刻板印象...不過上面寫的 有些是事實。
    看了這篇有點傷心,雖然我是女生,但他們說的沒有一項符合我,請不要把我們這些正常人和他們混為一談,拜託😩 還有 這種不好的人在台灣男女都有,只是女生比較多

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  • 我看了之後,最初的反應是慌張,害怕自己就是這樣的人。我是個沒有什麼意見的人,因為我覺得各種想法都有背後支持的道理,而社會本來就是要透過這些不同的道理維持平衡。 所以辯論的時候,我總是很容易同意對方,即使一開始就決定要站在不同的論點。



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